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  • Learn New and Advanced Systems for Value Analysis, Utilization Management, and Related Disciplines
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Realizing that the Supply Chain/Value Analysis Professional needs timely, reliable, and ongoing expertly designed strategies, tools, training, and resources to master their discipline, the Healthcare Value Analysis Academy™ (HVAA) was created in 2018 for this specific purpose. To this end, the Healthcare Value Analysis Academy™ wanted to ensure that Supply Chain/Value Analysis Professionals have a one-stop resource for all Supply Chain/Value Analysis educational requirements.

Why is this important? Supply Chain/Value Analysis Professionals, at even the smallest healthcare organization, evaluate, study, source, and approve millions of dollars of product, service, and technology purchases annually. Therefore, it is mission critical that these individuals have the highest quality strategies, tools, training, and resources available to fulfill their mission.  That’s what the Healthcare Value Analysis Academy™ is all about.

Tools and Knowledge You Need to Succeed At Every Level 

HVAA’s one-stop educational philosophy will provide you and your supply chain team access to the latest Supply Chain/Value Analysis strategies, tools, methods, and best practices available in the healthcare marketplace today. HVAA’s principles, Robert T. Yokl, HVAA’s Executive Director and Bellwether Healthcare Supply Chain Hall of Fame inductee, and Robert W. Yokl, HVAA’s Managing Director, have been Supply Chain/Value Analysis solution providers for the past 33+ years. Consequently, they are always researching, developing, and publishing educational materials for the healthcare Supply Chain/Value Analysis community.

To help this community further, they have decided to open up their vault of education, training, tools, and resources for all to have access to on a subscription basis.