​​​​Healthcare Value Analysis Training

Tap Into Over 33 Years of Successful Healthcare Value Analysis & Supply Chain Training, Coaching, and Facilitation Expertise

Why Value Analysis Training?

Advance Your Knowledge, Gain Better Insights, and Improve Leadership Skills

Improve Pay and Advance Your Career within Your Organization

Learn to Build Successful Action Oriented Teams from the Ground Up 

Build Better Teamwork with Your Clinicians and Department Heads/Managers

Continually Enhance Your Team Structure to Improve the Quality of VA Results 

Stop Doing all the Work and Become a Coach and Facilitator of Your VA Process

Get More Quality Value Analysis Work Done with Less Effort and Better Results

Learn to Utilize the Latest Tools and Strategies to Fast-Track Your Results

Learn the Proven 6-Step Value Analysis Process to Standardize Your Process

Performance Focused Training

In today’s fragile healthcare environment, there is a need for advanced training for your value analysis teams to perform at peak performance, but to remain relevant the training must also be “Performance Focused.” By performance focused, we mean that the value analysis training that is taught by a training professional must improve your value analysis process and give a high return on investment on the time, money, and resources being utilized to achieve the savings and quality gains your organization requires to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

Value Analysis is Not as Easy As It Looks:

Once you have formed your team structure and built your agendas, you then have to deal with the reality of finding savings and quality improvement with clinicians, department heads, and managers who don't want to change. How does a new or even an experienced value analysis professional gain the buy-in of their customers and stakeholders to find the right products that meet their requirements at a lower cost with equal or better quality?

The Solution:

The answer to the question above is to have training in the areas that you need to most help in. From a dollars and cents standpoint, every department has a training budget and if you are spinning your wheels on a $230K annual savings opportunity because you need a higher level of knowledge or a better system, then it makes sense to pay a few dollars for training to get you where you or your team needs to be. It's time to take you and your value analysis teams to a whole new level.

  • Learn to work smarter, faster, and with less effort to meet your value analysis goals and objectives
  • Gain buy-in at all levels of your organization to how you do business
  • Learn and use the best systems that fast track savings and quality improvements every time
  • Learn ways to perform value analysis even if you are not a clinician, or if you are a clinician and you are working in a non-clinical area
  • Learn the most advanced strategies in value analysis today and how they can be integrated into everything you do

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