​​​​Healthcare Value Analysis Training

Tap into over 30+ Years of Successful Value Analysis & Supply Chain Training, Coaching and Facilitation Expertise

All Training Programs Are Available On Demand or In-House and Can Be Customized to Your Unique Training Requirements

VA Leader Training

Fast track your knowledge and experience with a proven system to gain the upper hand on your challenging value analysis initiatives

SMART Success Models

Product and/or Service specific value analysis and clinical supply utilization step-by-step strategies that will show you all the in’s and outs of a successful VA Studay

On Demand Training

Learn at your own pace but still get all the advantages of 30+ years of healthcare value analysis expertise.  Select from over 25 on demand programs.

Clinical Supply Utilization

The most important aspect of value analysis that is becoming clear is the need to address clinical supply utilization.  Learn how you can integrate clinical supply utilization into your value analysis program today.

Strategic Planning

With trainer guided and user guided programs available, learn the valuable art of value analysis strategic planning to fuel your VA success for the next 3-5 years

Customized Training Programs

Have a specific training program envisioned in your mind?  Let SVAH provide all the the necessary customized value analysis training for your value analysis teams via in-person, webinar or on demand.

Why Value Analysis Training is More Important Than Ever Before!

It’s a fact, value analysis is not as easy as it looks.   Once you have formed your team structure and built your agenda’s you then have to deal with the reality of finding savings and quality improvement with clinicians, department heads and managers who don’t want to change.   How does a new or even an experienced value analysis professional gain the buy-in to their customers and stakeholders to find the right products that meet their requirements at a lower cost with equal quality.  Plus have them accept the process and work with you throughout to gain the big picture goals your management now expects.

The answer to the questions above are to have training in the areas that you need to most help in.  From a dollars and cents standpoint, every department has a training budget and if you are spinning your wheels on a $230K annual savings opportunity because you need a higher level of knowledge or a better system then it makes sense to pay a few dollars for training to get you where you or your team needs to be.  It’s time to take you and your value analysis teams to a whole new level:

  • Learn to work smarter, faster and with less effort to meet your value analysis goals and objectives
  • Gain Buy-in at all levels of your organization to how you do business
  • Learn and use the best systems that fast track savings and quality improvements every time
  • Learn ways to perform value analysis even if you are not a clinician or if you are a clinician and you are working in a non-clinical area
  • Learn the most advanced strategies in value analysis today and how they can be integrating into everything you do

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