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We would all like to think that we have total control over all of our non-labor expenses, yet I can say emphatically that this just isn’t true. One big expense category that has been universally neglected is purchased services. It’s not even on most healthcare organizations’ radar screens.

Yes, this statement is factually true! We, as an industry, haven’t been managing and controlling our purchased services contracts, from elevator maintenance to transcription services. Countless hospitals, systems, and IDNs have service contracts with a dollar value equal to or greater than their supply expenses.

The good news is that we have found this category of purchase to be a new, unclaimed gold mine for healthcare organizations. To ensure your healthcare organization’s continuing financial health, you must pay more attention to these elusive expenses.

Best of all, new breakthrough concepts will help you move forward to even more savings in this category of purchase than you thought possible!

Robert W. Yokl, Program Leader

P.S. Most hospitals’ or systems’ purchased services are ripe for saving money now, but you need to attack them strategically or you will find yourself generating a lot of activity but yielding little savings in this category of purchase.

Why a Healthcare Purchased Service Certification Program Now?

  • There is no purchased service certification program that can offer a comprehensive approach to teaching all attributes to purchased services until now
  • Purchased services have huge potential for big savings over the next few years by as much as 10% to 18%
  • There are many advances in purchased services but you need to be headed in the right direction so you wont spin your wheels
  • Covering every purchased service category with a contract is just the tip of the iceberg in purchased service savings. There are so many more great strategies, processes, and tactics to learn.

  • What Can You Expect to Learn From This Certification Program?

    • Discover an additional 10% to 18% in new purchased service savings from total budget spend
    • Learn the advanced strategies and mindset to be successful with healthcare purchased services
    • Master the value analysis process that you can employ universally on any and all purchased services in order to wring the towel dry on savings and value improvements
    • Learn how to benchmark your purchased services in order to not only find big price savings but utilization savings as well
    • Learn all of the best practices that SVAH has compiled over the past 33+ years that will fast track your purchased service management program
    • Improve your outcomes on all of your purchased service contracts and initiatives
    • Understand how to avoid dry holes on what purchased service savings opportunities will be worth the time to review and which will not be
    • Help your organization to dramatically improve quality of service and gain better overall value

    Are You Ready to Fast Track Your Purchased Service Knowledge to Expert Level in Just a Few Advanced Online Courses?

    (a $279 value) Now Included in One Low Annual Subscription Fee

    Certified Healthcare Purchased Service Specialist

    Quickly and systematically become an expert in Healthcare Purchased Services while you create savings opportunities for your organization on an ongoing basis.  

    Deliverables are:

    • On Demand Video Programs - Module 1-5
    • Bonus Guide Book – How to Rein In Your Multi-Million Dollar Purchased Service Expenses Before They Damage Your Bottom Line


    What’s Included in This Program

    Module 1 – Introduction: Learning, Managing, and Winning with Healthcare Purchased Services

    Module 2 – Purchased Services Value Analysis Project Management

    Module 3 – Best Practices for Healthcare Purchased Service Expenses

    Module 4 – Guided Application Walk-Through: Outside Reference Lab Services

    Module 5 – Purchased Service Benchmarking and Utilization Management

    Special Bonus

    Guidebook – How to Rein In Your Multi-Million Dollar Purchased Service Expenses Before They Damage Your Bottom Line

    About the Program Leader

    Robert W. Yokl

    Vice President of Operations & Editor of Healthcare Value Analysis & Utilization Management Magazine

    Robert W. Yokl, Sr. VP, Operations, has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare supply chain. Robert leads the SVAH Solutions team in day to day operations on various clinical supply utilization, value analysis, and supply validation solutions. Robert has worked with over 350 hospitals, IDNs, and health systems throughout his career and has engaged in value analysis and supply utilization at every level of a healthcare organization.

    Robert is the Co-Author of Healthcare Supply Utilization Revolution – The Future of Supply Chain Management and the Managing Editor and continuing article contributor for Healthcare Value Analysis & Utilization Management Magazine. He is also the chief software architect for SVAH with many value analysis, benchmarking, supply utilization, supply validation, and purchased services solutions in production.

    Who Should Become a Certified Healthcare Purchased Service Specialist?

    Director of Supply Chain

    Director of Strategic Sourcing

    Contract Administrators

    Purchasing Managers

    Business Unit Managers

    Value Analysis Directors, Managers, and Coordinators

    Vice President of Supply Chain

    Director of Finance

    Purchased Service Analysts

    Group Purchasing Professionals – Purchased Services

    Supply Chain Analysts

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