Finally a Value Analysis Certification Program For Sales & Supplier Professionals to Add Value to the Healthcare Value Analysis Process


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You gain access to this module and all of the other modules in the Healthcare Value Analysis Academy's Library which includes SMART Models, Tools, Books, Guides and much more

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Imagine Being a Trusted Advisor to the Value Analysis Process Instead of Being Ignored or Left Out Altogether

VA Advisor

The Current Situation in Healthcare Value Analysis that Sales & Non-Providers Face

Current Situation

Viewed as the Enemy

  • Being Kept A Arms Length

  • Only Being Able to Present Price Not Value

  • Little or No Face Time with Teams/Committees

  • Team Totally Focused on Price Not Value or Quality of the Offerings

  • Seen Us As the Evil Empire

As a Certified VA Advisor

A Trusted Advisor

  • Brought in to Consult on Best Value

  • Share Functional Alternatives

  • Work Within Current Contract Parameters

  • Present Best Value and Lower Cost Alternatives

  • Seen as a Trusted Adviser to the Team

“ My Certified Value Analysis Advisor Pin Represents My Commitment to Excellence in Value Analysis”

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Now There is a Program that Can Give You All the Knowledge That You Need to Become a Trusted Advisor to Your Client Hospital's and System's Value Analysis Committees/Teams

When Customers See You Wearing Your Certified Value Analysis Advisor™ Label Pin, They Will Recognize that You Know Value Analysis and Can Assist Them With Their Evaluations

  • Learn How You Can Become Part of the Solution
  • Learn How To Bring True Value Analysis Based Solutions to Your Customers Every Time
  • Learn How You Can Make Your Job Easier 
  • Learn How to Better Assist Your Customers Value Analysis Evaluations with Higher Savings and Quality Results
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Introductory Price - $279 - The low cost of this program includes all of your training, certification testing, certificate and lapel pin. 

It’s the sales representative’s job to show value with value analysis”

“Hospital’s buying teams DO NOT have the time and the resources to fully uncover every aspect of a vendor’s product line to bring about savings opportunities.  It is the sales representative’s job to utilize a value analysis based system to bring about the next generation of Value Analysis solutions! 

In most cases, healthcare organizations will welcome an evidenced-base value analysis methodology and proven results that are customized to their healthcare organization from a sales representative as opposed to generic case studies and research done elsewhere.”

 Robert T. Yokl

Executive Director, Value Analysis Academy



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