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The world of healthcare value analysis has become well established in the healthcare supply chain and has become the Goto strategy for vetting and evaluating new products, services and technologies.   This creates another layer in the sales process that can be a great asset or a whole new roadblock that sales professionals need to overcome.  Like any new challenge you must educate yourself and your sales team in the multifaceted dynamics of healthcare value analysis.  The goal of this program is to help you understand the committees, teams and professionals as well as the varied methods but most importantly how they do business at their respective hospitals and health systems.

Learning Goals & Objectives for the Webinar:

  • Why is it So Important for Sales Professionals to Understand Value Analysis in Order to Flourish?
  • Understand the Value Analysis Business Model at Your Client Hospitals and Health Systems 
  • Learn How to Quickly Spot the Key Players in the Value Analysis Program Model
  • Find Out How to Embrace the Value Analysis Process Instead of trying to Circumvent It
  • Learn How You Can Position Your Product or Service to be Value Analysis Committee/Team Friendly
  • Using Your Current Companies Resources to Increase the Value of Your Offerings
  • Learn How to Show More Value Versus Giving More Price Concessions


DATE – Wednesday February 6th 

TIME  – 2pm Eastern Time Zone

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Meet the Trainers

Over 76 Years of Combined Healthcare Supply Chain, Value Analysis and Utilization Experience to Bring You the Most Advanced Programs To Date


Robert T. Yokl

President & Chief Value Officer and Publisher of Healthcare Value Analysis & Utilization Management Magazine

Robert T. Yokl who has over 50 years experience as a Supply Chain Director, VP of Support Service, Consultant, trainer and Software Developer in the field of supply chain management.  He is one of the nation’s leading authority in supply value analysis, value engineering and clinical supply utilization in healthcare today.  Robert has worked with over 500 hospitals and health systems throughout the country.

Robert has authored over 850 articles (and continuing every week) on every aspect of supply chain operations, value analysis, purchase services, inventory management and clinical supply utilization.  He has also authored over 13 books, white papers and special reports on areas such as Non-Salary Expense Reduction in Hospitals to the Ultimate Value Analysis Program.

His articles are regularly published in Healthcare Purchasing News, Hospital Material Management, Value World, Material Management Magazine, Healthcare Supervisor, Hospital News, Aspen’s Materiel Management Quarterly, Healthcare Cost Reengineering, Contemporary Long-Term Care, Vitalines, Journal of Resource Management and Mid-Atlantic Purchasing Magazine.


Robert W. Yokl

Vice President of Operations & Editor of Healthcare Value Analysis & Utilization Management Magazine

Robert W. Yokl, is the Sr. VP, Operations, with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare supply chain.  Robert leads the SVAH Solutions team in day to day operations on various clinical supply utilization, value analysis and supply validation solutions.   Robert has worked with over 350 hospitals, IDNs and Health Systems throughout his career and has engaged in value analysis and supply utilization at ever level of a healthcare organization.

Robert is the Co-Author of Healthcare Supply Utilization Revolution – The Future of Supply Chain Management and the Managing Editor and continuing article contributor for Healthcare Value Analysis & Utilization Management Magazine since 2012.   He is also the chief software architect for SVAH with many value analysis, benchmarking, supply utilization, supply validation and purchase services solutions in production.

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