​​​​How to Evaluate Clinical Evidence

On Demand – How to Evaluate Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence is Only As Good

 As To How Well Your

Value Analysis Team Utilizes It!


There is and ever growing need in the healthcare value analysis world to make decisions using evidence based peer reviewed information for our value analysis studies. With the growing number of evidence providers and reports available to value analysis and supply chain professionals there is the challenge of which evidence is the right evidence for our value analysis studies? This program will give you a system that will help guide you through the maze of clinical evidence to ask the right questions to make the right evidenced based value analysis decisions.

The Key to Winning with Clinical Supply Evidence Is Having a System to Evaluate Your Evidence


  • Systematic
  • Repeatable
  • Aligned with Your VA Process


Now There is a Low Cost, Straight Forward System You Can Use to Fast Track Your Evidence Evaluations to a New Level of Decision Making Performance

Better, Faster and Quicker Evidence Evaluations

Get The Most Out of Your Value Analysis Evidence

Better, Faster and Quicker Evidence Evaluations

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  • Learn how to find the best evidence for your value analysis study
  • Understand the Clinical Evidence Checklist Matrix to fast track you evidence evaluations
  • Learn the steps for creating your own evidence when there is little or no quality evidence available
  • Find out where the clinical evidence falls into the value analysis project continuum
  • Learn how to ask good questions that will reveal important positives or negatives about your clinical evidence
  • Learn the system for working with your customers on a product, service or technology when you are not a subject matter expert in the area
On Demand Program Cost $39 (50 minutes Run Time)

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