January 3


6 Ways to Move a Stalled or Slowed Hospital Value Analysis Project Forward

By Danielle Miller

January 3, 2022

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1. Take a Step Back and Look at the Project with Your Critical Eye

  • What Is Slowing Down the Project?
  • Who Is Slowing Down the Project?
  • Are All the Key Players On-Board with What You Are Trying to Accomplish?
  • What Exactly is Going Wrong?
  • Then Make a Plan to Fix it.

2. Go Back to Your Original Goals and Objectives

  • Is What You Are Working on Right Now Part of Your Original Goals and Objectives?
  • Have Your Goals and Objectives Been Changed?
    • For the Better?
    • Or Worse?

3. Does Your Original Cost/Quality Management Study Strategy Still Hold Up?

  • Some Studies Require Multiple Strategies Within VA to Weed Out the Savings
  • There May Not Be One Problem or Product but Many Issues that Need to be Addressed

4. Sit Down with Your Team Leader or Your Boss

  • Go Over Your Study with Your Team Leader and/or Boss
  • Sometimes Projects Need to Be Viewed with a Fresh Pair of Eyes with a Different Perspective to Help Move You Forward
  • Make Sure Your Team Leader and/or Boss is Aware of Your Goals and Objectives

5. Are You Focusing on the Right Things in Your Study?

  • Did You Go Down the Wrong Analysis Road Somewhere Along the Line in Your Study?

6. Make an Action Plan All the Way to the Finish of the Study

  • We Start Off Strong with a Vision for Data Gathering and Customer Interviews but Then We Get Slowed or Bogged Down in This Process

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