January 4


5 Ways to Make Your Healthcare Value Analysis Program Better and Easier

By Danielle Miller

January 4, 2022

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1. Move From a Committee to a Team Model. Move to the Team Model which is much more productive than the Committee Model. A Committee Model is reliant on one or two people doing all the work for the rest.

2. Benchmark Your Process Against Other VA Processes. You may think you have a great process, but how do you really know if you don’t compare it to the best of the best in the industry?

3. Train Your Team Members Often. Ongoing training is the key to making all of your value analysis team leaders and members high performing team members.

4. Put Systems In Place to Automatically Alert You to Savings Opportunities. Utilization Dashboard, spend managers, contract triggers, product failure reports, benchmarks, etc.

5. Track It All. Team meeting minutes, project status reports, savings tracking, short and long term follow up, etc. Tracking the shortcut is long term savings success!

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