January 3


Top 5 Healthcare Value Analysis Scenarios to Trust but Verify

By Danielle Miller

January 3, 2022

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1. Third Party Evidence. Even though you have an evidence-based report and/or survey, you must verify that it pertains to your hospital’s characteristics/operating environment to ensure that it is relevant before you present it to your clinicians.

2. Product Features and Benefits. Let’s face it, we are often sold on the capabilities of a product or service and must as value analysis professionals verify that the functionality is as billed. It is great to hear a product can perform a relevant function, but we must build in practices to validate this for our healthcare organization.

3. Vendor Pricing and Savings. Too often, we receive vendor pricing with savings numbers spelled out nicely for us. This is great to have but you should run the numbers again yourself just to make sure. When the savings look too good, that is the time to run the numbers again to find out if they are valid.

4. Customer and Stakeholder Speak. Very often when we bring up a product candidate for value analysis to a key customer or stakeholder, they quickly evaluate the product and try to offer a quick solution to either avoid the value analysis study or protect their turf. Listen to your customers and stakeholders and ask them good questions but verify what they have told you.

5. Product Must Haves. There are great customers and stakeholders who know how to get what they want and make strong business case for anything and everything they want. You must recognize who these individuals are and look at their product and service requests even closer. Just because it sounds great on the initial look does not mean that it will cut the mustard in the long run.

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