January 1


6 Ways to Get Hospital Value Analysis Team Members to Show Up for Meetings

By Danielle Miller

January 1, 2022

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1. Send Timely Reminders. If you only meet monthly, then you definitely need to send email reminders once or twice before the meeting.

2. Make Sure Everyone is Engaged. Many times, team members don’t show up because they know they do not have any direct responsibility in the meeting and thus can be absent.

3. Follow Up in Person or By Phone on Repeated Absences from Meetings. Find out why they are not showing up to meetings and work with them to solve this issue.

4. Make Sure Team Leaders Follow the Attendance Rules or Find New Team Leaders Who Will. Nothing is worse for a team than a team leader who preaches attendance but does not show up themselves.

5. Incentivize Attendance on Teams. If you have an incentive program for your team (and you should in some form), make attendance goals for your team members so they can reach their incentive points.

6. Remove Them From the Team. If they continue to miss meetings and are not participating, then kindly point this out to them and let them know you are going to replace them on the team. More than likely, they will be okay with this.

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