December 30


6 Tips for Hospital Supply Chain Benchmarking

By Danielle Miller

December 30, 2021

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1. If Your Are Not Benchmarking Then You Must Start Baseline Benchmarking Today – No Time to Waste

2. Start with Global Standards Such as Supply Cost as a Percent of Net Operating Expense to See If and/or When You Are Moving the Big Needle

3. Look to Departmental Benchmarks to Show You Which Departments are In Line/Out of Line with Their Supply Utilization

4. Go to the Commodity and/or Product Level to See Exactly Where Your Savings Opportunities Are – This Will Make It Much Easier to Attack the Savings

5. Start with a Spreadsheet, Then Turn it Into a Database for Ongoing Savings

6. Don’t Ignore the Power of Supply Chain Benchmarking – It May Start Out as a Major Challenge but In the End, It Will Be Your Best Ally In the Cost Management Fight

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