December 29


6 Steps for Reducing Waste in Your Hospital’s Supply Chain

By Danielle Miller

December 29, 2021

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1. Find the Waste. Identify the waste areas by benchmarking, tracking, and trending your supply utilization.

2. Prove it’s Real. Use your reporting methods to prove that waste is happening to senior management and the affected departments leaders.

3. Give the Department Head First Crack at the Fix. Give the department head and/or manager the opportunity to take corrective action.

4. VA Study. Perform a value analysis study to develop low-cost options to correct the waste issue.

5. Inservice and Train. Educate the staff on the new changes to ensure that the new best practice is followed.

6. Keep Benchmarking, Tracking, and Trending. Track after the waste areas to make sure that the products or departments do not regress.

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