June 18


The Right And Wrong Way to Generate More Business With Information Marketing – Certified Value Analysis Advisor Series

By Robert Yokl

June 18, 2019

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Your customers are ultra-busy in life and business, so you could be an unwanted visitor vs. a valued guest. Never forget this distinction and you will be halfway to generating new business. When meeting with new or existing customers, always bring them new information (new studies, breaking news, research from an unbiased source, etc.) to help them to perform their jobs better. The last thing you want to do is regurgitate information they have heard a hundred times before. And don’t forget to send them helpful information between visits, so they remember you when you show up the next time. By the way, publishing a monthly insider newsletter would be the ultimate information marketing home run for you and your customers.

(Note: Drop me a line at [email protected] and I will e-mail you a source of done-for-you newsletters we have used ourselves that will make your customers sit up and cheer for you.)

The Wrong Way to Generate More Business

If you are just another sales rep who is pushy, rude, or worse yet, boring, you are on the wrong side of the sales equation. I remember sitting through hundreds of boring sales presentations when I was a supply chain executive, that too often turned out to be all about the presenter’s company and nothing about solving my challenges. If these companies received business from me – it was an accident!

Don’t Make These Same Mistakes – Show Up as a Valued Advisor!

In today’s healthcare marketplace, you must stand out by becoming a valued advisor to your customers, and not being a pest! One who gives advice, provides expertise, and conducts value analysis studies to help their customers improve. This is the formula for success in sales, especially if you educate your customers on your industry’s trends, breaking news, and information that will help them do their job better. And yes, make them aware of all special sales that can make them look good to their bosses. Never forget, if they succeed, you too will succeed!

P.S. Finally, a Certified Value Analysis Advisor™ program exclusively for sales and distributor professionals to add more value to your own sales process so you can gain more of your customers’ loyalty, cooperation, and an even bigger market share.

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