July 31



By Robert Yokl

July 31, 2018

Certification, CVAA

Finally a Value Analysis Certification Program For Supplier Professionals to Add Value to the Healthcare Value Analysis Process

For the past 31 years we have been training hospital value analysis and supply chain professionals as well as their teams, physicians, and line employees in the methods, processes, and systems of value analysis to great success. But we always thought there was a major component that was not being addressed that was mission critical to the success of any and all value analysis programs. That is the training of the sales professionals to be trusted advisors to hospital value analysis processes.

In order to close the loop on this major hole in the healthcare value chain, we created the Certified Value Analysis Advisor Program. This is a program that will make the value analysis process better for hospitals and their value analysis teams. Why? When you walk through your hospital client’s doors and they see you wearing the CVAA lapel pin, they will know that you can add value to their VA process and be a trusted part of the VA Team.

With being properly educated/certified in the VA process, you can assist your client organizations to reach ultimate cost, quality, and outcomes results faster, better, and easier. They can finally rely on you to be part of their team instead of a questionable outsider.

View the Certification Program Here

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